Here to Help You Learn to dig, block and spike like a pro!

Quit Wasting Your Time Online And Start Using Drills, Skills And Programs That Work…As A 3X Olympian and College All American She Will Show You Exactly What You Need To Know To Play Like An Elite Player… Stop Guessing and Quit Hoping…Training With Coach McPeak Is Exactly What You Need To Dominate The Beach!

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As An Undersized Player Holly McPeak Had To Know Twice As Much And Work Twice As Hard…She Earned An Olympic Bronze Medal and 8X Pro Best Defensive Player…Now You Can Benefit From Her Hard Work With Coaching That Will Transform Your Game… Coach McPeak Wants To Show You What You Need To Know To Play Like An Elite Athlete… Sign Up Now!

Learn to dig and serve. As one of the world’s most elite players Coach Holly McPeak had to develop the skills to take on all challengers. From reading the wind and playing the line, to passing, setting and serving, Coach McPeak can teach you the skills and concepts to become an Elite player on the sand. With exclusive volleyball membership to Elite Athletes TV, you’ll get the workouts and drills that will expand your game as a player and take your skills to the next level.

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