Free Passing Mechanics Techniques from Coach Pawlawski

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See the video below for more details on these techniques.


1) Pre-Throw Base

- 70% of Weight over the rear leg
- Front foot outside of hips
- Slightly Open / Flared
- Lightly loaded
- Hips and shoulders slightly open to target
- Back foot is flat-footed weight over arch
- 2 Hands on the ball
- Ball positioned below the back ear on top
 of the Pectoral shelf
- Off-hand is vertical or angular on the front of the ball

2) Gather / Load

- Passer Dips or Sinks Slightly
- Transfer 80% of Weight over the rear leg
- Back foot 90 degrees to shoulders (T- Alignment)
- Butt sinks slightly to load rear Glute
- Weight Transfers to rear heel
- Passer unloads front foot
- Arms, shoulders, trunk and neck are relaxed and ready
- Off-hand increases rearward pressure on the ball
- Shoulders close to 90 degrees to target

3) Step / Separate

- Step (4-6 inches) front foot stays low to the turf
- Quick, light foot strike with front foot
- Front foot is outside target line/ slightly pigeon-toed
- Base width should be just over 60% of passer’s height
- Rearward push with the off-hand
- “Flick” the ball rearward with front hand to accelerate
- Ball Cycles through “C” pattern to fully cocked position
- Ball should remain above throwing elbow at all times
- Tip of the ball should point rearward at the top
- 90 degrees angle from body to arm and 90 degrees at elbow
- Head Stays stable with eyes on target

4) Acceleration and Drive

- Shoulders hold back until 80% of weight transfer
- Pull front arm down and back to initiate shoulder turn
- Ball and elbow track over throwing shoulder
- Arm reaches “0” position, above and in-front of shoulder
- Arm reaches full/ triple extension
- Arm reaches maximum velocity
- Wrist fires and pronates (turns thumb down)
- Pointer finger is last contact with the ball
- Head stays stable and erect
- Eyes reamain level and locked on target

5) Deceleration

- Finish the throw first
- Accelerate through release
- Shoulders rotate beyond square to target and hips
- Throwing thumb goes to opposite hip
- Head Stays stable with eyes on target
- Weight transfers over front leg
- Inertia pulls rear leg off ground
- Safely slow down arm and regain balance

Free Passing Mechanics Video from Coach Pawlawski

This is a 30 minute video So get your popcorn.  If you love coaching clinics for quarter back play this is a great video for you.  It's very detailed and loaded with information that QB's and QB coaches should understand.
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