Faster 40 In 40 Days

Speed Training For Every Athlete From An Olympic Gold Medalist

Learn from the world's greatest decathlete to be faster! No matter your sport, court, field or track! Your coaches and teammates will notice how fast you have become after following this system! Get faster and get noticed!

Faster-40 in Forty Days!

Learn the techniques to become faster!

A $500 Value for $99.95!

Faster 40 Sample!

Learn from Dan O'Brien World Record holder and Olympic Gold Medalist on how to be faster, no matter your sport, get faster in 40 days with these techniques, don't miss out!

Get Faster. Be Faster. Be Elite. No matter the sport, the faster you are the better, the better your chance of success. As a Track and Field Member at Elite Athletes TV, you can train with The World's Greatest Athlete, Coach Dan O'Brien! He will teach you the same skills that helped him win 3 World Championships and an Olympic Gold Medal.  Coach OB’s “Faster 40 in 40 days” program will help every athlete. Whether it’s on your team, in your county, or in your state, become the fastest athlete you can be by training with Coach O’Brien today!

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