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No More Wasted Time Searching For Random Videos - We Provide Fully Developed Programs, Drills and Schedules To Make You The Best Version of You ! The Same Training We Used To Set World Records, Win Olympic Medals And World Championships Can Be Yours!
Our Coaches at Elite Athletes TV Have Earned 8 Olympic Medals, Over 30 World Championships, 20+ All-American Honors and Multiple Hall Of Fame Inductions.

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Step-By-Step Direction with Structured Programs and Drills From Legendary Athletes Means You Never Have To Guess Again. Our Training Has Everything You Need To Dominate Your Playing Surface.

Video Testimonial

High School Football

Here is What They are Saying!

"Working with Coach Banning's System I have developed pride and dignity in what I do, and it transitions into the way I carry myself in the gym and as a person... I have learned hard work is worthy of reward in all aspects of life and I translate that to the classroom, softball field, and who I am as a person. I could not be more thankful for his impact on my life."

Softball athlete working with Coach Banning's system
I’ve used the programs on EliteAthletesTV.com to develop my strength and speed...
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...but they also helped me improve my understanding and knowledge of the game.  Once I began training, my confidence increased. I was getting stronger so I was hitting with more power and I felt more athletic on the field! I started when I was 14 and about 115 lbs.  Now I play college baseball and weigh 170.  I’m bigger and stronger than ever and I’m ready to compete at the college level as a result of my training.
Ben. N
D1 College Baseball Player,
As a parent you always hope your kids will find their passion. My son Max didn’t seem to have one ...
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...He was overweight, had very little direction and he lacked confidence. Then he found Coach Banning’s program.  He used it once and liked it.  Then he tried it again.  He saw results right away and it encouraged him to work harder.  He’s been using the program for 2 years now and he has literally transformed his body, his personality, and his performance.  This year he qualified for state meets in track and field as a  freshman.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.  Coach Banning’s program has produced incredible growth for Max.  Every athlete that wants to perform at their peak needs to use EB’s system.  Thanks Coach Banning for changing Max’s life!
Mark R.  
My son Jake decided to play football as a freshman.  He never played before but...
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...he wanted to be a Quarterback.  I didn’t know how to help him succed until I found Coach Pawlawski. His drills, skills and instruction taught Jake how to play the position in a hurry.  Having a program and a plan made all the difference in the world.  I watched my son grow from a good athlete into a really good Quarterback.  He’s been a 2 year starter and continues to improve daily.   Now when he heads out to the field to workout he knows exactly what to do and how to do it.  As a result I’ve seen him grow as an athlete and a person. We will keep using Coach Pawlawski’s coaching until Jake is done playing.  It makes all the difference in the world!
Chris L.


One Coach Can Change Everything.
Elite Athletes TV Offers World Class Coaching Provides Premium Instruction, Motivation, Skill-Specific Drills, And Optimized Workout Packages Designed To Take Your Game To The Elite Level…  Meet Our Coaches.
Human Performance Coach Ethan Banning
Human Performance
Basketball Coach Ben Braun
Soccer Coach Brandi Chastain
Softball Coach Michele Granger
Football • Linebackers
Volleyball Coach Holly McPeak
Faster 40 • Speed
Football Coach Hardy Nickerson
Football • Quarterbacks
Baseball Coach John Zuber
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Learn to get strong, to be explosive for sport! 


Elite conditioning = elite performance. Regardless of your chosen sport, all athletes benefit immensely from weight training, conditioning and agility work. Whether you're looking to gain an edge in speed, power or agility, Elite Athletes TV Coach Ethan Banning can help you transform your game. Through a myriad of workouts, drills, movements and concepts, Coach Banning will help you become a faster, stronger, more explosive athlete.  If you're goal is to elevate your game to the next level, look no further than Human Performance training with Elite Athletes TV.

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