Presenting the Faster 40 in 40 Days Program

Speed Training: The Ultimate Advantage

Mike Pawlawski
Former NFL, AFL, XFL Quarterback, and California Athletic Hall of Famer
Speed Training
July 25, 2020

As an athlete myself, I want to help other athletes. That's the reason we founded Elite Athletes TV in the first place. I'm here to tell you how we're going to help you as an athlete, or as a coach, to improve your game. Today, I am pumped up for you, and I'm going to do it by telling you a story about coming out of college and getting prepped for the NFL combine.

One of the big tests at NFL combine is the 40 yard dash. As a quarterback, it doesn't matter as much as say, for a receiver, defensive back, running back or linebacker - all those skill positions out there. But it still matters. It's one of those details that they count for you or against you. And for that reason, you want to be as fast as possible.

In college, I played in the PAC 10. I played at Cal and I won the PAC 10 Offensive Player of the Year. We had gone 10-2 and we beat Clemson like they stole something from us. We were really good as a team and I had a great season as a senior quarterback. But I wanted to be prepared to run fast because that's a huge test. The 40 yard dash, in every field or court-based sport that I know of, uses the 40 yard dash to measure speed. I wanted to run a fast 40 and our football coaches couldn't train us on speed. That wasn't their specialty. They taught us football skills, but not speed. Our strength and conditioning coach had some stuff, but not enough to help us really get faster. They were great at getting us ready to play football and to stay injury free; but not getting faster.

For that reason, we turn to our track & field coaches. When I was at Cal, there was a gentleman by the name of Ed Miller. As a matter of fact, he and I went into the Cal Hall of Fame in the same year together, (2002). Ed was a legendary decathlete a Cal, a great international competitor, and a great coach at work with us to try to improve our speed with the drills, skills and teachings that we had available at the time. Ed did a great job, and in working with him, I took a full 10th off of my 40 time at the NFL Combine.

We worked for a couple months at Cal on campus to improve our speed. Getting faster, getting better, trying to become more explosive. We did everything they asked of us and it paid off. I got faster by doing that intensive speed work. I had never done and speed training like that before as an athlete, and it was an immediate improvement to my game.

I as an athlete, I always felt like I never wanted to have any regrets. What I mean, is that I didn't want to look back on my career - or on a game, a test, or anything that I did - and say, “Man, I wish I would have worked harder, studied more. I wish I would have gotten stronger. I wish I could have been faster.” I never wanted “what ifs” in my athletic career. I did everything in my power to keep from having regrets. How many times in your life have you looked back and said, “Man, I regret not doing the work for that. I regret not putting in the time for something else.” Because all of those “what ifs”, all those regrets, they last for a lifetime. I never wanted to have that as an athlete, so I always put in the work.

I was putting the time in. I had the right coaching, and with that, I knew I was supposed to be doing. I did everything I could to get prepped for the NFL Combine and it paid off for me. That's part of why we developed Elite Athletes TV. We have some world class coaches on our staff, with National Champions, World Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Hall of Famers.

But all of us at some point have experienced a lack of coaching, a lack of direction, a lack of knowledge that held us back as athletes. Obviously, we all had the physical tools to play at a really high level. But for all of us - at some point in our career – didn’t have the coaching that we needed to take our game to the next level, and we had to go out and fight and kick and scratch to go find it. For that reason, we developed Elite Athletes TV. To give young athletes the tools, training and knowledge that they need to take their game to that next level. Any athlete that wants to get better, can get better by becoming a member and putting in the work.

This brings us to Elite Athletes TV coach Dan O’Brien, who has the title of being the “world's greatest athlete,” (and yes, I am jealous of that). Dan is an Olympic Gold Medalist in the decathlon. He is a 3-time world champion, 3-time world record holder. Dan's strength in the decathlon was his speed. He was flat out fast. And speed in the decathlon gives you the edge in all five events. He learned early on that he also lacked coaching at a certain point. He had an epiphany that really increasing his speed was going to make the difference for him as an athlete. So, he went out and he researched. He looked and he found coaching and he had to bite, kick and scratch to get all the details that he needed to get fast. And then when I say fast, I mean world-class fast.

Well, today I am pumped for you, because we have launched the Faster 40 in 40 days Speed Training program for athletes. This is - in my opinion - the greatest speed training program that I've ever seen. Dan’s system will teach you proper rhythm, proper posture, and proper running mechanics, so you can be more explosive and get a faster start. It will literally make you the fastest athlete that you can possibly be. You’ll benefit from all of his years of training and his knowledge that led to domination in the decathlon. It will show you how to think when you're running and what should your thought process be. We've distilled that information and put all of it into a system with Dan's coaching and in television-production quality video for you to help you improve your game.

I've seen all kinds of speed programs, and over the last two years in development, we are offering you the greatest speed training program for young athletes, and the most usable, functional, speed training program that you can possibly use. If you want to change your game, and do the one thing that's going to make the biggest impact for you - as an athlete – it is to increase your speed.

College scouts are constantly looking for the fastest players, those fastest players often go on to receive D1 scholarships. Pro scouts are constantly looking for the fastest players as well. They're always looking to replace the guys they have with faster players at those positions. And so, speed is the one thing that you can do that will set you apart.

The Faster 40 in 40 Days program that we just launched with Dan O'Brien will make you faster. It's guaranteed to improve your 40 time by two full times. This means that if you're a 4-7, you will now be a 4-5 after going through this program. If you're a 4-6, you'll be a 4-4. Think about how you'll stand out to coaches and college scouts. To teammates. To opponents. No matter what sports you play, being faster will make you better. Period. End of discussion. And so that's why I am so pumped. We have built a tool that you can use on your phone, on your court, on your field, or at your track.

Improving your speed - the one huge asset that's going to make your game better - that's going to make you the elite athlete that you've always dreamed of being. We've built this program for you. That's why I'm so fired up. We are all doing this as coaches because we love helping athletes, and we want to help players and athletes that are in the same position that we were in. Way back when we needed that coaching. If you're a coach or a player, you need this system to help you get faster. You can learn to run faster, period. Then when you're done the first time, you can use it again and again, to keep improving your speed.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for young athletes. This is a phenomenal opportunity for coaches. You can use it to coach your team to improve their speed if you've ever wanted to learn how to improve speed. This is the system that works and that's why I'm so fired up today. I love helping young athletes, I love seeing them improve. I love helping them with their game. And the Faster 40 in 40 Days is going to help you be a faster athlete. Period. I want to see you improve your game and this system is going to do it for you.

You want speed training? You want to learn how to sprint? Dan O'Brien can teach you to be faster. Instant access to your own personal speed trainer, who also happens to be a 3-World Champion. That's pretty special.